March Brings… (Part Three)

March brings: wildlife – bunnies, skunks, gophers, all kinds of songbirds, and hummingbirds in my orange tree. I’m not a skilled photographer to catch their images like my friend Mr. Flexman back home in Pennsylvania, although I enjoy seeing the birds. Along come rain clouds (I love clouds of any kind), puddles, blue skies, and wheelchair tracks in the house. New foliage adds color to our deciduous trees.

March brings: open windows and doors with lower electric bills and temperatures inside of 70 degrees or above with the furnace turned off.

March brings: vegetable boxes free of weeds and ready for planting summer vegetables and seeds; short sleeves, shorts, short hair, different seasonal sports attire, and sewing projects using flowered and spring-like colored fabrics.

Last but not least, with March comes my “annual March resolution” (not New Year’s) that I will walk daily and focus on more exercise. You might want to check back in June to see if I’m still walking.

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