Christmas comes in a symphony of sound

Bells ringing clear and deep

The lowing of cattle, the bleat of a lamb, the cooing of doves, a baby’s cry

Magnificent choirs filling Gothic arches

Shouts and laughter among sleigh bells in thick falling snow

The orchestra’s noble concert sounds

The Mariachis and the Posada procession from home to home

The peal of the organ spilling out of the church into the street

Christmas winds in palm and pine

But even more eloquent are its silences

Adoration on the face of the Mother

The waxy fragrance of the Christmas rose

Worship in candlelit sanctuaries

The peace and warmth of His presence comforting the heart

Blinking luminaries along pathways and parapets

Gifts that say ‘I love you’ without words

Singing ‘signs’ of flowing hands

Memories in sweet procession

Whether your Christmas be one of sound or silence, rejoice in
This great gift of God!

Written by Mildred M. Aiken

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