About Marian’s Sons

Read about each of Marian’s Sons: Alan, Alberto, Ben, Chris, Coco, David, Derek, Donald, Dustin, Greg, Jay, Ilan, John, Jose, Koyla, Kyle, Paul, Peter, Raymond, Rossie, Rusty, Sean, Sergei, Tim, Tom, Victor, Vitya, True Band of Brothers

2 Responses to About Marian’s Sons

  1. Alma Mia says:

    I just wrote a note, but I don’t think I posted it. I will always remember Derek! Do you remember when you brought him to the Easter Production at the Moorpark Church?
    I had joined the signing chorus. I was draped with cloth from head to toe, just my hands and face were visible. You shared that Derek smiled when he recognized me in the chorus.
    I’m glad you found my email. I will look up your book on Derek on Amazon.

    • Marian says:

      Hello Alma,

      Yes, I remember bringing Derek to that pageant. He loved it, as did I. I was so impressed with everything that took place that evening. It was a long time for him to pay attention but he managed to stay awake and take in all the colors and actions. Great memories. ~ Marian

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