Derek_CBDerek was born in West Virginia. He was deaf and had cerebral palsy (mixed quadriplegia). He communicated his needs through his facial expressions, eye gaze and body language. Derek was Marian’s first adopted son and led her on this life-long journey.




4 Responses to Derek

  1. Sheila says:

    Hello Derek, so nice to see you again through these photos!!! I should find the one of you and your Mom when you both came to my law school graduation!!!

    • Marian says:

      Yes, Sheila, looking through these photos brings back a lot of memories of fun times years ago. You were the first out-of-town visitor who came to see Derek when I first brought him home. Of course, attending your law school graduation at Georgetown was beyond his comprehension but he loved putting on your cap. Marian

  2. Sandra O'Brien says:

    Oh the memories…this is such a nice visit with Derek. He gave me such warm feelings through those smiles. What a VERY SPECIAL boy who was so full of love. You and he shared such a special bond from the very beginning. I remember you convincing me that this was a true match. So right you were!

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