Jay was born in Maryland. He was a dwarf and a member of Little People of America. Jay lived in San Jose where he was a volunteer speaker in the public schools sharing information about living with a disability. He was a Sharks fan and season ticket holder. He also worked several different jobs. Jay was socially outgoing and enjoyed being in the presence of his friends.

2 Responses to Jay

  1. Carole Vincent says:

    Remembering Jay and his strong spirit!

    • Marian says:

      Yes, Jay was a social butterfly and had many friends. I never could remember their names (same with my other sons, sorry guys).

      Jay always got a kick out of the fact I felt garbage needed to be “organized”. Well, I still feel this way. How can we use smaller garbage containers if we don’t organize our waste and recycle?

      Thank you for remembering Jay. May he rest in peace. ~ Marian

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