Kyle was born in California and lives with Marian. He has severe arthrogryposis and requires having all his physical needs met by others. Kyle graduated from high school and is taking classes at a local community college. He is extremely social, musical and involved in several activities. He also works part-time at Shoreline Amphitheater during the summer concert season. Kyle’s always on the go and motors all over the area in his power wheelchair, which he drives with his chin. He is an inspiration to those who know him.

4 Responses to Kyle

  1. Carole Vincent says:

    Hey, Kyle! So proud of you!

    • Marian says:

      Carole, you were not in the area much when Kyle was young but I’m glad you are proud of him. Can you believe he was a late talker! Now, he is making up for that without a problem. I’m glad you are back in the area to see what he has done with his life and be with him as he continues to move forward.

      Sometimes when my sons are socially outgoing and have the desire to “fit in”, I witness how others are blind to some of their pains and struggles and don’t comprehend the daily challenges they face. This is true for Kyle and several others. As a parent I want to jump in and say to others, “Hey, look at what you could have done to make him be more included?” However, I have to remember they
      now are adults and many have their own voices to speak up for themselves and don’t need me to barge in.

      Perhaps others don’t see and feel as I do because my sons have done a terrific job of fitting in. They need to take pride in their accomplishments to be who they are today. ~ Marian

  2. Carl Payne says:

    Kyle. 🙂 what a sport. Didn’t know you long, but long enough to see what an awesome spirit you have. Very chill, and relaxed. And funny.

    • Marian says:

      Carl, you say you didn’t know Kyle for long? Maybe not but he made an impression you can’t miss! This is true of my Kyle – sarcastic, joking, mouthy but also caring, funny, bright, outgoing and most of all LOVING. Thanks for stopping by to check out our webpage. Please check back again. ~ Marian

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