Rusty_CBRusty was born in New York and has cerebral palsy (triplegia), mixed seizure disorder and is profoundly mentally challenged. He became my second adopted son and has had many life threatening medical challenges. Rusty lives in a group home in San Jose and attends a day program for developmentally delayed adults.

I found the poem I wrote many, many years ago about Rusty. This was after he had been extremely ill and it was questionable that I would be able to keep him. You can read more how Rusty joined my family in my newly published book “Derek”.

For Rusty

Rusty, my boy, you now are my son.
How many obstacles you have won!
We do not know what you understand
And sometimes you’re off to another land.

You were just three when you came to me
From your loving foster family.
Sad was their day when I took you away,
Your care became too great – you could not stay.

I wish the medicine routine could stop!
So you’d be alert, cheerful, and bright as a top.
On the other hand, thank God you can chew
Or I’d never, no never, get them into you.

When you don’t want to sit on the chair anymore,
You squirm and slide KABOOM to the floor.
Then you roll and roll as free as you please
And brother Derek you pester and tease.

You’re a contortionist – foot to your ear.
Your crazy right leg whacks anything near.
Your long arm can reach unreachable things
But, oh, when you smile, my heart truly sings.

When you’re feeling good, you eat anything
From cheese and pudding to your own shoe string!
Your liquid brown eyes squint and sparkle with glee.
I love your half-hug accompanied by EEEEEEEE…..

We had a rough time getting off to a start,
But you’ve won a special place in my heart.
Closer and closer we grow day by day,
Rusty, I love you; you’re here now to stay.

6 Responses to Rusty

  1. Sheila says:

    Thanks for the photos. it’s been so long since I last saw Rusty. The photos of. He and Derek brought back memories of visits to you and the boys when they were small.

    • Marian says:

      These two loved each other but Derek was certainly no match physically to Rusty’s strong right arm! Poor guy got his toys taken away and his hair pulled more often that I want to remember. However, there were the gentle pats on the head and being side-by-side on the floor or in a chair that moved me more than my words can ever explain. Marian

  2. Sandra O'Brien says:

    Rusty has grown up. I remember Derek, Rusty and Ben laying on the floor side-by-side with your two dogs supervising. Rusty enjoyed going around in circles. You all were a team.

    • Marian says:

      Rusty would still go around in circles if he were on the floor. He’s very tall and his right arm is long and can still grab anything in reach! He still likes to “EEEEeeeeeeee”. ~ Marian

    • Marian says:

      I found the poem I had written about Rusty so many years ago. I posted it here on Rusty’s page.

  3. Sandra O'Brien says:

    I might add…he is a good looking young man!

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