Tim_CBTim was born in Texas. He is a congenital quad-amputee. He does not let this stop him from being active. When in high school, he played pit snare drums with the marching band and he has only short stumps for arms. He’s an avid sports fan. Tim has a house in San Jose that he shares with two friends.


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  1. Carole Vincent says:

    Tim, I remember you and how much fun you had as a kid. So proud of the man you have become!

    • Marian says:

      Hello Carole and thank you for visiting my site,

      Tim remains to be an outgoing and social person. It’s amazing how independent he can be with his physical limitations. This certainly makes me think twice when I can’t reach something on the second shelf and I have arms and legs. I should not complain. Right?

      He’s also switched roles that once required his parents to make medical and financial decisions for him to him making decisions for his dad. I’m proud of how he has handled some tough situations in this area recently. I’ll say it here, “Thank you Tim”. ~ Marian

      • Tim says:

        You are very welcome. I love my family very much. I can’t think of a better one to grow up in. And for the record, I played every type of percussion/instrument in the Marching Band pit, as well as Drum set in Jazz band, Orchestra and my own short lived garage band too haha.

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