Handmade by Marian

These are examples of products that can be made for you. For ordering and pricing information, please contact me. Read the story of how I learned to sew here. Check back as we continue to update our page with more examples to give you ideas!

largeToteLarge tote. 17" x 17" x 6" totes with a variety of options. This has pockets in the lining and two pockets on the outside that are perfect for water bottles. All totes are lined with fusible interfacing and reinforced seam. Totes can be made reversible on request. skirtWithMatchingPouchSkirt With Matching Pouch Children's skirts and a matching lined pouch with an elastic loop and button for closure.

Wheelchair Bag Tote Bag
Wheelchair Bag can accommodate a cane. It has a detachable sleeve that fits both sides of the bag with the team of the season showing. pillowCasesPillowcases. Standard size pillowcases sewn with French seams.
WalkerCoverWPhotos_cbSaddle Style Walker Bag with three picture pockets on one side.burpClothsBurp cloths. A variety of prints make these burp cloths fun to use. One side is cotton and the other is flannel with a layer of winter warmth batting in between.
PlacematsHanging2_cbDrawstring Bags These are part of an order of 27 drawstring bags. The bags are all lined and have a solid back.babyBloomersBaby Bloomers in three different sizes. A ribbon has been attached to the elastic to have a better fit at the waist.
pillowsTooth Fairy Pillows. Each tooth fairy pillow has a pocket for a surprise and a little poem I wrote on the pocket.ToothFairyPillowPoemTooth Fairy Pillow Poem
iphone BagPhone Pouch With a Detachable Wrist Strap. Different designs available.PlacematsDrawable_cbParty Favor Placemats. One side of the placemat has fabric with designs. The back is solid and allows for the children to use fabric markers to draw pictures, write their names. They make a wonderful party activity for the children to take home.
iPad BagiPad Pouch With a Shoulder Strap and Pocket for charger, earphones, etc.PotholdersPearShape_cbPear-shaped Hot Pads with pear print fabric.
CooldanasCooldanas. Long strips of material with crystals in the center. When soaked in ice water, they expand and help keep you cool during hot weather. Terrific for soccer teams or volunteers building homes in hot climates.HotHandleTeepee_cbHotHandleHolders_cbHot-handle Holders. I leave mine on the lid while cooking and it’s right there when needed to lift the lid and stir.
Child's Apron Child Size Bib Apron. All my aprons are doubled with finished seams. Sometimes I use decorative stitches on the pockets.CasseroleTrivetSet_cbCasserole Trivet and Potholders Set of two hot handle holders, two hot pads, and one large casserole trivet.
Book WeightFabric Book Weight. Comes in especially handy for someone who has use of only one hand, stroke victims for example.CasseroleCarrier_cbCasseroleCarrierDetail1_cbLarge Casserole Carrier. It has a removable board for the base and removable dowels for laundering. My carriers have elastic loops to secure lids and ties to secure the folded-in flaps to hold the casserole in place. My carriers include a server sleeve.
Table Runner Placemat SetLong Runner with Four Placemats. The ends of the runner can be used as placemats if needed. My sons gave me some suggestions on what to do here.CasseroleCarrierDetail2_cbCustom Options. This is an example of how I add character to my finished items. Sometimes I appliqué and other times I use stitching to create designs that match the fabric.
Table Runner DetailDetail of the end zone on the runner.RollWarmers_cbRoll Warmer.
Table Runner Placemat SetReversible! This is the other side of the order. My friend said when she is mad at one team, she can flip it over and show the other side.RollWarmerDetail5_cbRoll Warmer Unfolded. I have known some people who use this as a center piece mat as well.
Placemat, Center Piece MatReversible Centerpiece Mat or could be used as a large placemat as well. The horn of plenty is appliquéd on one side only.RollWarmerDetail3_cb


This is the inside of the warmer. Each warmer has a removable rice pouch. The rice pouch is removed and heated in the microwave before placing your fresh rolls from the oven in your basket. Replace the rice pouch once it is warmed in the microwave. The pouch must be kept dry and removed before laundering.
PlacematCenterPieceMatDetail_cbReversible Centerpiece Mat Detail. This side of the mat has miter corners.RollWarmerDetail4_cbThe flaps are folded over the rolls to help keep them warm. One lady told me that she loves her roll warmer but doesn’t use it for rolls. I was sort of confused as to what she uses it for and she explained for her lower back pain in place of a heating pad.
Coasters2_cbCoaster Set front and back. I match fabrics with similar colors or designs of of like themes but different colors.Coasters_cb

Coaster sets sold in sets of 4 or 6. Sometimes when I make a set of six, I use three of one fabric for the back and three of the other fabric for the front. They can be used alternately when setting the table.
Table RunnersShort Runners. Two of them can be crossed and used as placemats.



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  2. Sheila says:

    Really nice page to show your handmade items!!!

    • Marian says:

      Thank you Sheila and it was so nice having you surprise me at the Harvest Faire. I’m glad your placemats brightened your table for Halloween. ~ Marian

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